Time to Take Out the Trash!


Negative thoughts, fears, rejections, and failures are the nemeses of any sales rep.  Too often, sales reps become caught in a mind trap of record collection that can limit their belief in achieving realistic goals.

Think of it this way: If you have a cup of poisonous water filled to the brim, would you flush out the poison by adding more water before you take a drink?  Of course not!  You would pour out the polluted water, clean the cup, and then refill the cup with pure, clean H2O.

However, when we don’t clear our mind, we continue to “poison” our belief system and begin struggling to succeed in our sales goals. Does the following sound familiar?

  • I don’t know how to talk to the president of a company.
  • My sales cycle is too long to make any money.
  • No one wants to listen to me over the phone.
  • I don’t have enough time to prospect new leads.
  • The competition is too tough.
  • No one is buying in this economy.
  • Selling is not a fun game.

This is head trash! These thoughts and ideas make up our belief system, which leads to how we create a daily plan-of-action.

Every sales rep has at least 60 beliefs that make up their sales thought process.  Listen for negative comments you or other sales reps are saying.  On average, a bad sales rep can have 10 or more self-limiting record collections.

Think about how much more effective a sales rep would be just by emptying out the head trash and refilling the mind with positive energy!

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