What’s Money Got To Do With It?


If you were asked in an interview how much money you make, do you share this information openly?  If you are buying a car and the sales rep asks you what your budget is, do you tell him?   If you answered “no” to either one of these questions, it is possible that you may be uncomfortable talking about money.

As a sales rep, do you ask prospects about their budget?  If the buyer does not reveal their budget, do you keep asking questions to uncover how much they want to spend or do you believe that its best not to discuss it further.

If you find yourself avoiding the “money issue,” this could be a sign that you feel money is a private issue.  Where would this belief come from?  Perhaps by the way you were raised?  It’s possible that you were taught that discussing money is not polite.

Sales reps that avoid discussions about money may ultimately miss out on closing valuable business.  When a buyer says, “I can’t afford it at this time” or “this isn’t in our budget for this year,”  don’t believe it.  If they really need or want your product or services, they will come up with the money.  It’s your role as a sales rep to find out “why” they want to buy.  Find the emotional “pain” and money no longer becomes an issue.

So I ask, what’s money got to do with it?

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