4 Skills Your Sales Reps Need in a Technology Driven World


Have you ever sold your products or services without ever meeting the customer? I’m guessing the answer is “yes.” Although some may argue the point, almost anything can be sold without the customer touching the product or meeting with a sales rep.

Things have certainly changed.

Technology will continue to disrupt old sales processes. Buyers no longer feel a big need to see a rep. Consequently, many companies are disbanding their outside reps and replacing them with inside reps. With this in mind, what skills do your sales reps need to effectively sell if they never get to meet a customer?

Four skills that every sales rep needs to sell in a technology driven world.

CRM – Effective use of Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) software is a must. We live in a data world and everyone has access to it. Sales reps who manage data better than the competition will have an advantage.

Web Demo – Faceless meetings are becoming the norm. The ability to view information on a computer or mobile device makes phone meetings more effective. Sales reps who know how to effectively present demos using tools like GoToMeeting and Join Me are now high in demand.

Video/Skype – Works best for those who have the courage to have their face plastered on a screen with all the wrinkles and double chins showing. I personally find video meetings distracting, yet with practice, we can all get better at this. Skype is great for interviewing remote sales people and if you are selling to the younger generation. We are now in the Jetson world. Time to embrace it!

Communication – Effective communication skills may sounds boring, yet still critically important. Without the ability to read body language in a virtual selling situation, reps with the ability to effectively communicate ideas verbally and in writing will connect better with prospects. Consider sending your reps to business writing classes to improve their writing skills, particularly your Millennials and Gen Y who prefer to write in text mode.

Those who know how to capitalize on technology will have a distinct advantage in the years to come. Sales reps who resist technology may soon find their old school “meet and greet” selling style a thing of the past.

Learn more about how to identify sales professionals who can thrive in a technology world.

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