Why Being “Liked” is a Bad Thing


There is an unspoken, emotional need for approval, and all of us want to be liked.  Whether that is from colleagues or associates, no one wants to be perceived as a jerk.

So, how can having a need for approval become a negative attribute of the sales cycle?

Sales reps with a high need for approval can fail to ask some of the more difficult qualifying questions.  Sales isn’t about being liked, it is about trust and respect, and there is a huge difference.

Hearing “no” for some people can be scary, but in reality hearing “no” can be a good thing because it may shed light on issues that need to be followed with more questions.

The good news is that the need for approval can be overcome by role separation.  This happens when someone consciously separates themselves as who they are as a person and who they are as a sales rep.  This is somewhat like acting, and this can mentally prepare people to get over the hump of needing approval.

Leadership vs. Management

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