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SalesScore™ connects sales talent with sales focused growth companies.  Statistics reveal that only 1 out of every 9 sales professionals deliver results.  Let SalesScore™ weed out the 8 who don’t.

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Candidate SalesScore Industry Years of Experience Territory Size Sales Production
Darrel 82 Industrial 10+ Local $1M
Jeff 85 Real Estate 10+ Local $1.5M
Adam 83 Industrial 10+ Regional $2M
Debbie 81 Medical Device 10+ National $1M
Jose 79 Manufacturing 10+ International $2M
Karla 80 Medical Device 10+ Regional $1M
Dennis 79 Manufacturing 10+ State $2M
Seth 80 Material Handling 10+ Regional $2-4M
Max 80 Manufacturing 10+ National $1M
Tiffany 80 Manufacturing 10+ National $1M
Deborah 78 Medical Device 7+ International $500K
Russ 78 Manufacturing 10+ State $1M
Bret 81 Manufacturing 10+ International $1.5M
Steve 81 Manufacturing 10+ Regional $1.5M
Nate 79 Automation Manufacturing 10+ State $1M
Ken 81 Industrial Automation 10+ State $1M
Peter 85 Manufacturing 10+ National $3M
Richard 78 Medical Device 5+ Regional $500K
Toni 76 IT 10+ International $250K
Austin 80 Medical Device 10+ National $100K
Faith 75 Medical Device 5+ Regional $100K
James 80 Industrial 10+ Regional $200K
Stephanie 82 Industrial 6+ State $500K
Darren 83 Medical Device 10 Regional $1M
Tim 88 IT-Consulting 10+ National $500K
Jason 85 Healthcare 10+ State $1M
Benjamin 90 Insurance 7 Regional $500K
Nic 83 Manufacturing-Retail 10+ Regional $250K
Blake 88 Financial Services 10+ State $250K
Harrold 90 IT-Software 10+ Nationall $1.5M
Daryll 87 Manufacturing 10+ National $1.5M
Robert 89 Financial 10+ Regional $500K
Steve 87 IT-Software 10+ Regional $100K
Jake 88 Medical Equipment 10+ State $500K
Margaret 92 Manufacturing-Capital Equipment 10+ National $1.5M
Ray 92 Manufacturing 10+ Regional $1.5M
Keith 84 Manufacturing 10+ Regional $1M
Timothy 81 Medical Device 9 International $750K
Mike 91 Technology Consultant 10+ International $1M
Nathaniel 88 Manufacturing 10+ International $1.5M
Ashton 82 IT Software 9 Regional $1M
Sarah 85 Media 10+ Regional $1.5M
Devin 88 Technology 10+ Regional $500K
Leonard 81 Manufacturing 9 Regional $250K
George 83 CloudService-Technology 7 Regional $500K
Felipe 87 Technology 10 State $500K
Pauley 79 Professional Services 10 Regional $500K
Benjamine 88 Manufacturing 7 Regional $1M
Antonio 83 Electronics 5 State $1.5M
Fredrick 85 Insurance 10 Regional $500K
William 79 Manufacturing 10 National $500K
Dominique 87 Healthcare 10 Regional $500k
Tasha 83 Technology Consulting 10 National $500K
Todd 93 Technology 10 International $1.5M
Nicolas 84 Technology 9 National $100K
Terry 87 Professional Services 10 Regional $100k


Why is the SalesScore™ approach different from other search firms?

We understand the risks involved in hiring sales professionals. Thus, we are willing to share the risk with you. We use a modified retained approach that brings the best of “retained” and “contingency” search methodologies together. At a fraction of the cost of expensive 25-30% search fees, SalesScore™ is the ideal solution for companies that need to hit home runs with their sales hires.

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