What To Do After A Cold Call Connection


In order to be successful in cold calling, you have to learn the first rule of thumb. NEVER EVER assume your first contact with a prospect will result in a sale. Knowing there will be multiple touch points after your first call, there are two things you can do that will help nurture the relationship.

1) Assuming you have built rapport on your first call, plan how and when you will follow up with the prospect. Learn your prospects preferred way of communication. It can be as easy as asking them if they prefer phone calls or emails. If a phone call, ask if a cell number is a better way to connect. Connecting on social media such as LinkedIn is a good way to establish another outlet for communication and may make your next call more personable.

2) Be professionally persistent. It is not uncommon that a prospect may tell you to call back in a couple of days. Yet, they don’t answer or call you back. What do you do now? Persistence doesn’t mean call and call every day for two weeks hoping to get the person to pick up. A better approach is to mix it up. Make a couple of calls a few days apart. If no respond, send an email in a few days. Then perhaps circle back with a phone call in a week. Then maybe an email via LinkedIn a week later asking if it makes sense for you to keep following up. If no response yet you believe they are an important prospect, circle back with a follow-up call in a couple of months. If they are not that important, disqualify them as a prospect and move on to the next one.

Sales is all about timing, the buyer has to need your service or product before they will give you their undivided attention. If your first cold call leads to a “not right now” don’t take that as a “never going to happen.” Stay connected so that you will be the one they think of when the need arises.

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