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Hunters are extremely goal-oriented, results driven people. They are decisive and would much rather be giving orders than taking them. They usually exhibit leadership qualities and are very comfortable in the role of leadership. They are not timid, nor are they afraid to try new approaches or to view situations or problems from a different angle.

They are highly competitive and enjoy challenges. In sales, they resist tight supervision – generally, because they don’t need it since they display a high degree of self-motivation.

Hunters tend to be both impatient and opinionated. They move at a fast pace and are more comfortable in a changing and evolving environment. Their decision process is usually quick and decisive, and they are not paralyzed by fear or uncertainty.

They are self-starters and big thinkers. They carry themselves with an air of confidence that others sometimes portray as arrogance.

Some of their greatest strengths as sales professional are:

  • Willingness to prospect for new business.
  • A sense of urgency.
  • Ability to ask tough questions or fight through tough situations.

Areas of concern as a sales professional: 

  • Establishing bonding and rapport
  • Being overly aggressive.
  • Failing to understand a prospect’s reasons for buying.




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