A Sales Rep Named Desire


My definition of desire is “a passion for success”.  Desire is the engine that motivates you to make the kind of money you want to make, to win awards, to be recognized in your profession, to be sought after, and most importantly tucks you in bed every night with a healthy feeling of self-worth. Therefore, ask yourself: What do I really want to achieve? And, what steps can I take to get there?


There is nothing wrong with being motivated by factors other than money or compensation. However, I’m going to assume that you’re no different than the 95% of the people in the workplace – who go to work every day because they have to. Personal and family obligations must be met and bills have to be paid!


Therefore, never lose sight of the fact that your career is centered on money more than any other factor.  For that reason, don’t become complacent about your compensation.  Most sales reps who are “willing to do whatever it takes” have a very high level of desire – a passion for success which burns inside them. It’s the passion and desire that gives them strength in difficult situations.

We can all be better. We can all do better. Even the most highly skilled individuals in any industry have some room for improvement. Chances are, if you are reading these words, you are embracing the opportunity to take a step towards improving your game. Improvement is always created by change. What do you need to do? What changes do you need to make personally and professionally to become more successful? What single element can get you moving toward greater success? The answer is desire.

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"I definitely recommend Safari Solutions employment process to anyone. They are extremely professional, energetic, motivated, and able to quickly build rapport. I was very impressed with their communication abilities to convey the hiring clients’ needs. Safari Solutions was quick to answer all my employment concerns, and took as much time making sure the job was right for me, as me being qualified for the job. Working with them, I felt like I had a partner throughout the hiring process. It has been nothing but a pleasure to work with Safari Solutions."

~ J. Shepard, Project Designer

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